East Yorkshire Local History Society

Volume 3, 2002

Travellers Journals, Jennifer Rowley

The Emanuel Hospital Estate, Brandesburton, 1600-1919, Gordon Richardson

'The Melancholy Contagion' Cattle Plague in the East Riding 1747-56, David Neave

Hiring Fairs, Vanna Homan

Early Carriers and Busses of the East Riding, Enid Greenwood

Crossing the Marshes. The story of road developments linking south Holderness with the city of Hull, 1300-1888, Douglas Atkinson

The Effect of Enclosure on Four Wolds Villages: Weaverthorpe, Helperthorpe, East Lutton and West Lutton, Jennifer Lawler

Eastburn. The origins of an East Yorkshire farm, Stephen Harrison

East Yorkshire's past through contemporary sources: Farming in the Yorkshire Wolds (1879), compiled by Stephen Harrison

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