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BBC & Beverley Ref Library - Make History

Monday, 1st November 2010

MAKE HISTORY with the and Beverley Reference Library

For the next 6 weeks, the BBC and the library are asking people from the area to bring in old photographs and documents of Beverley's high streets, shops and businesses.

Whether its from the 70’s or 1870's, we will scan it, credit it, and place it on our interactive display for all library users to see, along with our selection of local studies books to foster a new generation of local historians. The material submitted will eventually be sent to the Archives and Local Studies service for consideration.

It forms part of the broadcasters 'Turn Back Time' programme, which sees modern day shopkeepers transported through time to the birth of the high street, before looking at how it has developed. For more info, visit:


Reference staff will also show people how to upload their images to the BBC’s Flickr group online.

If any of your members would like to submit material , they should feel free to visit us at the reference library. For further information, or to post submissions, please contact:

Reference Dept.

Beverley Library

Champney Road

Beverley, HU17 8HE

01482 392755