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Sunday, 18th April 2010

BALH Directory of Local History Websites

'A new Directory of Local History Internet Sites has been published by the British Association for Local History. This is an up-to-date guide to 353 websites, some national and some local. It points you to sources for local history such as documents, maps, photos, artefacts and archives, museums and memorial inscriptions. You can move from 1881 Pubs to Your Maps Online via Anglo-Saxon Prosopography, Churchplans Online and Hidden Lives Revealed, where you can encounter the young people in the care of The Children’s Society in Victorian Britain. The guide covers the major websites for historical material such as A2A as well as less well-known ones like the Seeley History Library, Cambridge, which includes a monthly online list of all articles in the journals it receives. Some of the websites enable you to trace individuals, some to find recent background information, and others point you to research material. The Directory is indexed by subjects, people and places.
The 2010 Directory is a bargain at £2 plus £1 P. and P. You can obtain a copy from Gill Draper on  or 01732 45 25 75'.