East Yorkshire Local History Society

BBC York / Rowntree request

Friday, 5th February 2010

Did your family live in York exactly one hundred years ago? Have you mapped your family tree? If so, a BBC documentary needs your help! We're trying to trace descendants of the following eight families who lived in York in 1910 and who took part in a ground-breaking survey of unemployment carried out in the city by the Quaker philanthropist Seebohm Rowntree. The Nevinsons. Mr Nevinson was born in 1860. He had five children including a daughter aged 20 (who got married in 1910) and a son aged 12. Another daughter was at the Blind School. The Taylors Mr Taylor left for America in the early 1900's, abandoning his wife to bring up two children - a boy and a girl. Bob was born in 1898 and Kitty was born in 1900. We think Mrs Taylor's maiden name was Wade. The Campbells A Scottish family who moved to York in the early 1900's. Both Mr and Mrs Campbell were born in 1860 and they had a son born in 1898 and two daughters (but we don't know their date of birth). The Dunns Mr Dunn was born in 1853 and they had a son born in 1893 and a daughter born in 1895. The Raffertys Mr Rafferty was born in 1881 and had four children, the eldest of which was a girl. The Martins Mr Martin was born in 1861 and had a daughter born in 1892 and a son born in 1895. The Lovells Mr Lovell was born in 1877 and had four young children born in the early 1900's. The Archers Mr Archer was born in 1879 and he had two daughters born in the early 1900's called Sally and Lily and baby born in 1909. If you think you could be related to any of these families, please phone BBC assistant producer Mora McLagan on 0208 008 5793 or email her at mora.mclagan@bbc.co.uk