East Yorkshire Local History Society

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Sunday, 8th November 2009

Volume 10, 2009

Editorial jottings, Arthur G Credland

The Goole Whale and a variety of cetacean visitors up the Ouse, Peter Scott

A couple of school histories, Geoffrey Wisher

The Armstrong Patents Company and the fate of a Friary Gateway, Derek Grindell

Goole Shipyards (part 2), Brian Masterman

William Coates of Hull - a marine artist rediscovered, Arthur G Credland

The Guildhall, Robin Diaper

The forgotten Pleasure and Strawberry Gardens of Hull, Kevin R Stephenson

How successful was the evacuation of Hull in reducing civilian casualties during the Blitz of World War II, Seam Mullen{mospagebreak}

Volume 9, 2008

Editorial, Arthur G Credland

A spring day in Hull; a poem, Audrey Dunne

Zachariah Pearson: philanthropist, victim or swindler?, Marian Shaw

Hull blitz, scientific surveys and city bombing campaigns, Derry W Jones

From mill worker to musical conductor: Mr SW rogers and the Bridlington Quay Sea Wall Parade Band, later known as the Prince's Parade Band 1882-1897, Karen Ounsley

Goole shipbuilding - the beginning (part 1), Brian Masterman

Collision on the Humber; the loss of the Emily, Peter Scott

Dr Eva Crackles 1918-2007; an autobiographical note